Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sunshine, Skiing and Sleep-Overs

Skiing at Sunshine Village in the Alberta Rockies. It was fun although the weather was cloudy and somewhat Sunshine.

Our little cabin in the woods. On the way home we did a spur-of-the-moment stop in the park and decided to spend the night at Kootenay Park Lodge.

This is a peek through the door of our cabin. The weather was just cool enough for us to be comfortable after lighting a cosy fire in the fireplace.

And this is the view that greeted us in the morning from the porch of our humble abode.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Best Mum in the World

...and she's mine!

Happy Mother's Day, Mum!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

tears of a clown

I've caught myself weeping on several occasions today, yet the morning has scarcely begun. I am not sad - I don't think...
Little things, like helpless, new-born kittens discovered mewling in a box at the side of the road and seeing the photos of Grace's beautiful Mum on her blog, have moved me to tears. I worry over what happened to my brother's finger - I know nothing other than something happened. He's a pianist and a woodworker and his livelihood depends upon his hands being whole. Every paragraph in the thoughtful, witty novel that I am reading - one of a woman's courageous journey to her own Self - brings a moist pressure that wells from behind my eyes into the ubiquituous tissues-at-hand. This post, too, has me blubbering. It's Saturday morning and I am sipping my coffee while lazing back upon the pillows in my bed. I'm snug and warm beneath the touseled quilts. Outside a cold wind is gusting, chasing the clouds across a darkening sky, yet the air is crisp and clear, bringing every tree upon the distant mountainside into sharp focus. Shades of green, blue and brown are the colours of the day. During these moments, I will allow Myself to happen. Bobby is away this weekend and I have been temporarily relieved from, what I've considered of late as, the "rigid" responsibilities of parenthood. I feel so, because outside influences are now lying in wait, lurking and ready to pounce if I falter, stumble or fall "out of line". Self-deprecation, along with its sibling, self-pity, skulk in the wings, as well. My ceaseless attempts to keep those dark brethren at bay rob me of valuable energy. I wish I were Gandalf! I would shrivel those worthless creatures of my soul into nothingness with one fierce look and a wave of my hazelwood staff.
Nonetheless, today holds promise, as does every day at its dawn.
I cry - but I am smiling.