Thursday, August 23, 2007

In One Word...

What is greater than god
More evil than the devil
Poor people have it
Rich people want it
And, if you eat it, you will surely die?

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Pause for a Picnic

One warm, sultry evening, we decided to build some supersandwiches and head up the road into Kootenay National Park for a cool respite beside Olive Lake.
This particular pond is very small, green and olive-shaped...

At the site, there are two short interpretive hikes along a boardwalk that describe the flora and fauna found within that specific area.
At the end of each walk are small decks where one can look out over the lake.
The above photo was taken upon one such landing as we were enjoying our meal.

Martini anyone?

Saturday, August 11, 2007

The New Me

As some of you are aware, my house is on the market - it happens to be a necessary evil when it comes to spousal separation. I love my little home and yard and I will be very sad to say goodbye, but the sale is also an important step forward.
Our realtor is a wonderful lady, with whom I am having the extreme pleasure of working to sell the place. Yesterday I had to go in to her office in town to sign some papers and we had a nice chat while I was there. It turns out they are looking for an Office Administrator, so I asked if I could come by another day and drop my resume off. She told me to simply e-mail it to her, because she was going over the applications on the weekend. As soon as I arrived home I sent it along with my references - and no preconceived expectations.

Soon after, I received a call from her assistant to set up a viewing for this afternoon and later another call came in from the office. It was she, confirming the viewing. I asked if she had received my e-mail and the reply was, "Yes. Can you start tomorrow?"
I was caught slightly off guard and was a tad flabberghasted, but recovered quickly and aswered, "Yes, of course, but I'd like a few more details on the position." So, she went into more depth on the position and ensuing responsibilities and it is exactly what I'm looking for. Apparently I am exactly who she is looking for, too.

So, after posting this, having my shower, feeding the kids, cleaning the house, mowing the lawn, etc., I will be going in for my first afternoon of work! My usual hours will be the regular Monday to Friday. Today is only for training purposes, because the other girl will be gone as of Monday - nothing like jumping in with both feet!

Coincidentally, my new place of employment is directly across the street and overlooking the office where I worked for the past thirteen years...

Friday, August 10, 2007

Thursday, August 09, 2007

A Big Idea

The concept behind this bumper sticker has sparked debate and raised a steady argument between the environmentalists and the developers in our community. Several years ago a large ski resort was proposed for a remote and wild location in the Purcell Mountains. That particular location includes Jumbo Glacier, which would dramatically increase the length of any given ski season. Many residents in the valley have taken opposite sides and have stood fast in defending their individual philosophies on the matter. Personally, as a lover of nature as well as a passionate skier, I have been torn between the two concepts.

In the end, exhaustive environmental studies have been completed, various levels of government approvals have been authorised, and the Jumbo Resort developers have been given consent to procede. I cannot say that I am familiar with the full particulars of this contoversial idea but, from my simple point of view, I am happy with the decision to press on.

After all it does snow in Jumbo...

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

"When in hell, walk steady so the devil doesn't know you're there."

Monday, August 06, 2007

Margie, I read your post and I am sobbing right now...

I feel that I have lost so much since Easter, when my life and that of my family took a giant leap into the unknown.
To me, family means everything and I feel that I have failed in so many ways.
When I read your post it brought to the surface many of those feelings that I have held down inside.
I am now separated from my husband, my dear children are angry and afraid, and I am officially out of work.

I am so proud of my Beth for working so hard at school and graduating one year early.
Beth attended an alternate school for the past couple of years, as she was having difficulties at the local public high school.
The difficulties were her doing, but the new environment really helped.
Beth is a bright girl and gifted in both the Language and Fine Arts.

I feel so bad that I will not be able to afford to send her to college.
I feel so bad that I cannot afford to buy groceries.
I feel so bad that I am not working right now.
I feel so bad that I have failed my family.

So, before I go out and save the world, I will have to save myself...

Saturday, August 04, 2007


This was our sun preparing to dip below the peaks last evening - while I scrambled to find my camera before the sight disappeared forever...
It was a fascinating and eerie scene, as that merciless ball of heat sank through the haze of smoke from distant forest fires.
Overnight the the wind did rise, blowing in from the cooler north, to bring meager relief to the intense summer swelter.
As continued hot weather will take its toll on my good nature, I have recently found myself wishing - on more than one occasion - for the cold.
I now simply have to consider a drop from thirty-eight to twenty-eight degrees a blessing...

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

"Take a deep breath,

be prepared and keep my fingers crossed..."
That is what I'm doing today.

This afternoon I have an initial telephone interview for the career opportunity of my dreams.
For good fortune's sake, I will not go into details, but I will say that the position involves something I love, as well as my accounting skills - not to mention a suberb salary with lots of perks!

As I indicated in an earlier post, the business where I have been working for during the past thirteen years is in the process of closing down. I am still employed there on a contract basis, but my hours have been cut severely and I am struggling to make ends meet.

My resume has been updated, cover letters written and I have been winding up to pound the pavement. Of course, I will not settle for any job, as I am a trained, experienced and dedicated worker, therefore quite employable. (Wow, listen to me tell you how great I am...).

This position means very much to me so, Friends, wish me luck!