Sunday, December 19, 2010

A New Blog

Beth has just started a blog of her own!

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Thursday, December 09, 2010

Big Things and Little Things

As I head into the busiest time of my year, I find that writing and playing on the computer is so low on my list of priorites that I cannot see it through the haze.
I have been very busy at work. Inventory is an important item during the shoulder season, and I have found myself running from room to room, counting and replenishing. It is a rather fun, but time-consuming activity. With all that, and keeping up with the paperwork, I am virtually breathless.
On top of all that, I have attended the resort orientation for the most part of the week. The snow school is now under the umbrella of Panorama Resort, so it is compulsory that all employees attend the official orientation sessions. In past years it has been a simple e-mail to Don or Heather - and I'm in. Not so this season.
It is quite exciting to be involved with a fledgling snow school! We all have a say in how the manual for future years will read and new ideas on how we think the entire operation might run smoothly. There were forty eager, newbie and veteran/young and old, instructors in one big room. It was fun tossing ideas about and voting-in those which we think will stand up and voting-out those we think might flounder. We got to know each other and are now a united front - slightly different from the relaxed ski school of years past.
This is no slur to Don and Heather whatsoever, who ran one of the best ski schools in North America! They were ready for retirement and the ski school had become slightly faded and jaded, as will anything after many years. There is now a renewed energy that we all feel.
Yesterday morning (in the falling snow) we experienced our first on-snow session of the season and, with it, the opportunity to take the new-to-the-mountain instructors on a tour. It was not only to familiarise them with the hill, but to show them the best teaching terrain - a very important aspect of instructing on the slopes.
As the session came to a close, I simply skied off to my office...
I have today off from work, but not resting by any stretch of the imagination. Getting caught up is more like it - but there is more!
We have a two-bedroom condo reserved for three nights - one of the perks of my job. Once I leave this keyboard, I will be spending the remainder of the day cleaning, doing laundry, organising food, supplies and clothing, then packing the food, clothing and outerwear, as well as skis, boots, poles, helmets, etc. The pets need to be looked after, as well. I've left them in the care of Hillory, who lives in the downstairs suite of the house. She is a kindred spirit when it comes to animals!
Bobby and Jenny have their bags packed and ski clothing and equipment ready and waiting. Both of them are pumped for opening weekend. Bobby is bringing a buddy, but unfortunately, Jenny's friend was not able to come along. Beth will be meeting us there later this evening after work, so the girls can ski and hang out together.
If anyone is wondering, we have declared opening Friday at the ski hill an official Statutory Holiday...
On that note, I will abandon my computer and begin my long weekend - and wish you all a good weekend, too!