Sunday, June 15, 2008

Freedom to Speak Freely

Well, it's a wrap.
The scavenging ravens still hunger for the osprey's kill.
The cats are as grey as the house - funny, I always seem to find pets that match the decor. Maybe that's why I find myself in a pinch when attempting to paint the walls.
It has finally, after what seems an eternity, stopped raining, so the lawn got mowed and we are now replacing the rain with sprinklers.
My favourite summer edition of the Sears Catalogue went missing - I found it wedged, (and quite soggy) beneath one of the tents on the back lawn - and to think it was thick and weighed enough to begin with.
The eggs in the upstairs fridge went bad.
Bob has gone back to his Dad's.
There is a giant wasp buzzing and worrying at the window behind me - the door is open at the other end of the porch. Is that how it got in or how it will let itself out?
My hero, Gandalf, is now recovering from being Grey and in the process of becoming White...once more.
As a point, my storybook Trio of Heros are Gandalf, Merlin and Captain Picard. Always wise, yet they still retain their humanity - not above being swept up by dark forces beyond their control, and still, they manage to cling to Good...selflessly.
Good is God with one more o.
The plants need watering.
The ants are trying to take over - again.
The sprinkler needs moving.
We fetched water this afternoon and discovered a bear - terrified and stumped at the same time.
The new door is being well-hung.
I bought new dishes today! To replace the broken crockery - Delphine has taken human form - or maybe always has.
There will be a plethora of fruit this Autumn - the blossoms bent the bows this spring.
Beth got her first car - a 1996 Mercury Topaz - be Responsible, my Sweetie.
And yes... I still call her Sweetie.
The Kids Are Alright.

* I took the photo of the osprey with its catch in a tree in the backyard. If you look closely, a fish is draped over the branch by its feet. The raven was soon joined by its mate and they both looked on hungrily while the osprey dined. Oh, those ravens - such creatures of opportunity...
The bear photo was taken a few hours earlier along the road to the spring.

Monday, June 02, 2008


I really can't seem to get it together these days to achieve anything. I can't even type correctly to get these words on the page!
My head's not in it, yet there is so much happening - or rather, waiting to happen. It's like the saying goes, "Hurry up and wait!" Well, I've hurried and now I sit and wait...
Thank goodness for work, as it keeps my hands and head occupied when otherwise I might go stir crazy. My days are like the weather - hot, cold, windy, calm, wet, dry, up, down...

Oh, how I look forward to my days being sunny-side-up!