Friday, April 06, 2007

Oh deer...

I watched these deer in the neighbour's yard the other evening.
Due to the recent deep and unseasonal snowfall, they were somewhat hungry and eating from the bird feeder.
Flocks of migrating birds were flitting about in confusion, as well, knocking puffs of snow from the branches of a nearby Manitoba maple tree.
It seems odd to be listening to the cascade of birdsong while the sun sets late in the evenings - and still having all this snow about.


Tuesday, April 03, 2007

April Fools

Yesterday morning the valley awoke to eight inches of snow on the ground and it was falling so thick and fast that I could not see across the road to the creek.
I had to dig out my van so I could drive to work on the icy and treacherous roads.
On Sunday we were skiing in plus ten degrees C in the sunshine wearing only our shirtsleeves!
Yesterday I wore my heavy jacket and big Sorels to work!
My boss played hooky from work yesterday afternoon in order to hit the slopes.
I had hoped I could go skiing, but she beat me to it!
This morning she called me at home as I was getting the kids ready to go out the door to school.
She said the skiing was awesome yesterday and half the town was up there taking advantage of the freshies - and it would be even better today in the sunshine!
My response was something along the lines of "So you're going skiing again today?"
Her answer to that was "No - you are!"
Apparently everyone on my husband's crew at work is going skiing today, too.
That includes my husband.
So, off we go - April fools that we are!