Sunday, June 17, 2012


Loaf the Gregarious

Dog the Adventurer

Bean the Contemplator


Ygraine said...

Thank you so much for these Dale.
They're absolutely gorgeous :)

VallyP said...

What lovely kitties, Dale. Are they all yours? I need to write to you, my friend. I don't 'talk' to you even half enough. How is life in Dale world?

Dale said...

They were ours, but I surrendered them to the local animal hospice.
They were the kitties belonging to my daughter, Beth's, cat. Beth moved back in last February and brought her 3 cats with her. One promply went into heat, escaped and returned home pregnant. I was midwife during the delivery. :)
I loved those kitties so much, but it was getting impossible to house 6 cats total. I gave them up just on Saturday, but they've gone to good homes.
I still get teary-eyed thinking of them.
All is well here, Val, and I would love a "chat" with you. Very, very busy working more than full-time. I miss you! xx

VallyP said...

Miss you too. I've also been up to my eyes in work, but it's summer holidays now, so although I need to do prep for next year and also finish my own study assignments, life will be a bit quieter for a few weeks. What is keeping you so very busy dear?

Stevie said...

Oh how I love kitties!