Friday, December 21, 2012


My name is Midnight Raven.
My passion is Freedom.
I fly with the eagles and the ospreys.
I sail upon unfurled wings.
I feel the wind in my face
and laugh
and cry.
And in the presence of fear
I soar
higher and higher
farther and farther.
And exalt in the face of that fear.
I live
and I thrive
as I ride the mistral.
I am Midnight Raven.
And my essence is Freedom.


Val Poore said...

Yes. Freedom is THE essence. I can relate to this, Dale xxx

Dale said...

We are of kindred spirit, Val! xx

Ygraine said...

I can truly FEEL the freedom of soaring through the skies with your Raven, Dale:
the wind in my face, the view of the land spread out far below.
Thank you so much for taking me on this amazing journey xxx

String said...

Lovely poem Dale, really like this one!

A Heron's View said...

Dear Dale,
I am speechless! In a good way am lost for words..... Beautiful !

Ygraine said...

So looking forward to your first poem of 2013!
Hope it will be soon xx