Monday, November 18, 2013


And Sadness Settles.
Stark Dreams.
And Longing.
If Wishes were Horses.
And Beards in the Dark on a cold New England night.
Tears fall soft.
And Brittle.
Cold in the Blue.
Time Passes.
The Days continue.
Their Shattered edges
Just get me home.


Ygraine said...

Oh your words are drenched in such breaks my heart.
If loving thoughts can soften the cruel blow, then I will think of you now...perhaps those stark dreams and shattered days will fade away before the united front of will soon be home...xx

Dale said...

I awoke from a dream with this running through my head and tears on my cheeks ...
It was a very powerful and emotional moment, prompted, no doubt, by the approach of an important transition. I am glad I was able to express effectively how I was feeling.
Thank you for sending your friendship and love - I feel it! xx

Val Poore said...

Dale, I read this on FB, but didn't want to comment there. This seems so deeply personal, and so very sad. I am relieved to learn it was a dream. You have much to adjust to in the coming months, but I hope it will bring you happiness rather than this sorrow.

Stevie said...

Likewise, I am glad it was a dream... but they can feel so real, and so devastating sometimes can't they? I woke up weeping one night, scared poor Tony half to death.
Looking forward to our next huddle... xo